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I have always been fond of art, whether it is drawing, interior design, decoration or just taking an extra mile to dress up myself. It all started when I was a kid, I used to spend hours decorating my doll house and dressing them up nicely to look perfect and start taking photos of my little creations.

Cameras and photos have always been my fascination, I believe that every moment in our lives is worth treasuring; those memories bring you back to details that you might have forgotten, you might laugh or cry but the beauty of going back to that moment is just as beautiful as going back in time through a time machine to enjoy that moment again.

I am a photographer by nature, I truly see beauty anywhere and everywhere. I have the vision of picturing the end result of a photo or a decoration from the first moment I lay my eyes on the scene or the person and I start from there.

My little son has always been my inspiration, his love and beauty made me go beyond my imagination to treasure his precious baby moments. Every moment has its uniqueness whether it’s a new skill, move or just a smile to his mommy; it’s those moments that take my breath away every single day. He taught me many things and best of all is how to be a professional photographer and never leave my camera behind.

Photography is passion, inspiration and joy to me, working with those beautiful families to capture their maternity, newborn and precious daily moments is just a dream to come true. I live those moments with every family, I blend in with them and with their kids and it’s a joyful experience for me and for every family I work with. The photoshoot experience is fun, alive and full of laughs, my style is to enjoy those moments and have real fun working together. Looking forward to working with you!

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